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„A highly professional family business in the third generation.“

Our farm is now in the third generation.

Our company has grown slowly over the years, and today, the generations of experience have helped us to become an international company.

We see it as our mission to produce the valuable substances of the hemp plant, which have been used throughout the millennia by numerous cultures to treat ailments and achieve health and well-being.

Careful cultivation in rows with a focuses on quality rather than quantity is a major concern for us on our organic certified fields.

In our tradition as a family company, it is also important for us to know our customers and to always have an open ear for them.




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„All our products are 100% natural and without any additives.“

BioBloom specializes in the production and sale of high-quality organic hemp flowers and products containing their cannabinoid extracts. With pure, manually processed hemp blossoms, high-quality BioBloom hemp flower tea is produced. Through hand processing and CO2 extraction in a certified laboratory under the strictest quality standards, we are able to produce high quality full spectrum hemp extracts with pure natural CBD and CBDa.

Furthermore, we offer almost every part of the hemp plant as a commercially exploitable product for a variety of uses (e.g. leaves for the cosmetics industry).

We not only take care to ensure the highest possible quality, but also the best cost efficiency for our customers and partners.

We also work closely with our research partners to continually further develop our products so we can offer a wide range of products and ingredients to meet the needs of all our customers.

It is very important to us to keep the BioBloom extracts in their pure natural form without the addition of any other CBD mixtures. Through our perfectly planned cultivation, our hemp plants naturally form highly concentrated substances.


„quality over quantity“

Our products are absolutely free of pesticides or other harmful substances. In addition, we give our plants the time and space they need.


„Quality and cost efficiency don’t contradict each other.“

We have remained a family company despite our international expansion and large delivery volume.