BioBloom Winter Set

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  4% Organic CBD Hemp Oil 10ml
  Organic CBD Hand Cream – protect
  Vitamine D3 & K2 – sunshine
  Organic Hemp Tea teabox – relax

AT-Bio-301 Zertifiziert  Bio Austria Garantie

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Fit for winter with the BioBloom winter set

In the cold season our body needs special care – in all aspects. We laced a special winter-package for you that will help you getting fit through the cold times.

With BioBloom 4% CBD oil you can enjoy more inner balance thanks to its high percentage of organic hemp oil in combination with the 100% natural CBD extract. So you can take on your everyday life with less stress and more vitality.

Our extraordinary BioBloom Hemp Tea relax is made exclusively from the hemp plants from our certified organic BioBloom hemp fields that are carefully harvested and processed by hand. Depending on the infusion time the organic hemp tea unfolds its sleep-promoting and calming effect (15 minutes) or its activating and invigorating effect (5 minutes).

The organic BioBloom hand cream protect moisturizes even the roughest hands and leaves them noticeably softer and healthier. Exclusively valuable ingredients from nature such as hemp oil, chamomile and aloe vera in combination with CBD have a protective and revitalizing effect.

Vitamin D3 & K2 sunshine are vegan vitamin D drops with hempoil. Due to the long winter months without much sun and our time spent working indoors, we need the so called sun vitamin D. The BioBloom hemp oil ensures a particularly good bioavailability of the vitamins D3 and K2.


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