Would you like to become a BioBloom affiliate partner?

We want to help you as a content creator, publisher, influencer or blogger to earn money with your content and traffic.

Refersion.com has proven to be a great affiliate tool, where you as a BioBloom affiliate partner have software at your disposal with which you can obtain a wide variety of interesting insights into commissions, deals, transactions, clicks, etc. independently with your own login. This ensures a transparent and secure payment of sales. Once we record a qualifying purchase from you, you earn a share of the revenue. All you have to do is register as an affiliate at Refersion.com. Refersion.com and we at BioBloom are at your side to help with the link creation as well as with ready-made creatives.



Conversion trigger: qualified online sale with confirmed transactionCookie Validity: 30 days
Commission Type: Percentage of the revenue
Commission Rate: 15%
Requirements: You can identify with our BioBloom philosophy and have a public social media profile or actively managed content platforms (blog, YouTube, etc.).

We would also be happy to advise you personally. Simply contact us here or register using the form below: